Resigned to the Cold

These are the particularly cruel spring days in Minnesota. You've had some 50 - 60 degree weather--or even 80 degree days. Then a cold front sweeps in and knocks you down to below freezing. So painful.

Birds like this nuthatch appear to be asking themselves the question, "Why is that I don't migrate? Maybe orioles are on to something by arriving in early May and leaving in September."

We've had three male robins trying to establish territory around the building. For the last week I've been watching them fight over branches and tiny islands of greenish grass. This morning they were all sitting on the same branch, puffed out and thinking "make heat, not war". Territorial singing was kept to a minimum and with the cold wind bringing the air to feel like it was close to zero, I couldn't blame them.

I've been trying to get a photo of the robins, but we'll have to settle for this starling glaring up to the sky asking, "Why, why? Why did you take away all the small insects starting to come out with your cruel cold winds?"

I had the spotting scope aimed at the window on the branches where the robins had been hanging out. Non Birding Bill went over to close down the storm window.

"Hey, I'm trying to get a photo and that extra glass will mess up the focus."

NBB said not a word but gave me a look that said, "Don't push your luck. It's cold and if you want the $%*# photo so badly, go outside."

So, again, we'll settle for a photo of a contemplative starling.