Another Bird Not Reading The Books

I mentioned the other day that a rose-breasted grosbeak on my suet log, but couldn't get a photo. Well, here's a female rose-breasted grosbeak on Mr. Neil's suet feeder. It's not that they never eat suet, but grosbeaks are more tray feeder or tube feeder type birds. And she's not just after the seed in the suet, she was taking out big old hunks of fat.

Not long after I took that photo, a hairy woodpecker flew in and chased her off. She has a look that seems to be saying, "No grosbeaks at my fat cake, thank you very much!"

I could hardly sleep last night - the barred owls continued their hooting and a pack of coyotes were howling. That combined with the excitement of early morning birding and bee monitoring made for restless sleep.