Donate To A Wildlife Rehab Center

I periodically get requests to help with fund raising efforts for wildlife organizations and I like to help where I can but I also understand that there are only so many groups I can be of some use to at a time. I recently got this email:

Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Inc (non-profit corp) was just started late last summer. Been rehabbing song birds, backyard birds, urban and woodland birds for 15 years but have now given in to the demand for full time wild bird emergency care. We are in desperate need of about $30,000 to see us through the end of the year. Would you help drum up some funds for us?

I appreciate that they asked and truly wish I could help, but I think $30,000 is a lot for me to drum up! But this got me thinking, I was reading about the horrible tornado damage that happened in Kansas over the weekend and looking at photos of the area. I got to thinking about displaced pets and birds that were also injured in the process. Should I promote that?

The bottom line is that if a wildlife rehabber is going to survive--whether it's an organization like Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Eagle Valley Nature Center (taking in birds injured int he Kansas tornado) or Raptor Inc., or the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center or even a one person operation like a Julie Zickefoose, they need to have local support by the community that is going to be dropping off injured wild animals and birds, not a blogger. However, a blogger with a wide audience around the country (and now around the world) can make readers aware of all the organizations out there.

So, here's my idea: Sometime this month, find out who your local wildlife rehabber is and make a donation. If you don't know how to find out, look under the "Links" on my blog page and there is a link to "Find a rehabber near you" and click on that, it will take you a site that lists rehabbers in different states. Even if you can only give $10, that adds up over time and every little bit helps--especially as young birds are popping out of nests. $10 can purchase about a 1000 mealworms. If you don't have any cash, find out if they have a wish list. Sometimes it's as simple as towels. You might be able to get rid of something you don't need and be able to help them out.

Mother's Day is coming up and a nice donation in your mother's name to a wildlife rehab person or organization would make a great gift...if you have a mother-in-law that you don't care for, you can make a note that the donation is for starlings and grackles only ;)