Hello Links, So Long Bandwidth

Holy Cow, we are getting linkages from all over the freakin' place to Disapproving Rabbits. Cinnamon must have gone into self promotion overdrive while Non Birding Bill and I were out of town last weekend. We got a mention on one of my all time favorite sites Cute Overload, we were on the daily links on Dooce (Non Birding Bill introduced me to the wonders of her dog, Chuck), and Susan Gets Native said that the Swami told her (what's the story, mornin' glory, what's the word hummingbird) we were number two on Metafilter on April 30, 2007. Whoot!

And in case you missed it, this is a link that Diva Kitty posted in the comments section of a photo from a window of an office I almost wish I had.

Finally, Non Birding Bill sent me this really unnerving story...I wonder how long it will be until this crossing over into birding?