Play On Birds

We had a blast at North Coast Nature Fest for Cleveland Metroparks. They do a great job of promoting the festival to the city and over 5000 people attended! They had posters all over the place for the festival and it had a photos of the guest speakers--me and photographer Rick Sammon (who gave us an awesome five minute Photoshop tutorial over dinner on Friday night). One of the posters was hanging in the women's restroom at Rocky River Nature Center--I was so grateful that it wasn't on the door. It would have been really weird to be staring at myself while I know.

One of the great parts of the festival for me was that some of my family and Non Birding Bill's family got to see us perform Play on Birds live on stage. Above from left to right is my Aunt Lorelei, my sister Monica, my Mom, my Aunt Lynne, NBB's Dad (apple didn't fall far from that tree), NBB's Mom, and NBB's nephew Mike. Yes, our families took up the whole front row. I was glad because my mom is only four foot eight inches.

Monica got this great photo of our skit "What Birders Think They Look Like". When we were finished the audience really seemed to have enjoyed it. One lady came up and said that she missed part of Prairie Home Companion and that we were worth it. Being from Minnesota, we knew this was high praise indeed.