Beekeepers Give Advice

"I don't approve of this entry at all! I'm seriously considering disowning you. Harumph!"

I've been kind of debating about whether or not to put up a link. But, I'm going back to my personal blogging rule, "Would I find this interesting?"

Yes, I would. asks for experts in different fields (like sudoku masters) to give sex advice once a week. This week, they were looking for beekeepers and I was asked--that's right, they were looking for beekeepers, not birders. Who knew that beekeeping would ever lead to this? So, with LOTS of warning that this link is NSFW and to those of you who are reading this with your kids, save it for later or visit this beekeeping blog about a guy who is experimenting with bee sculpture. He was one of the beekeepers also asked for advice.

Okay, if you still want to proceed and are chronologically an adult, here is the link.

If you are visiting this blog for the first time from and you're wondering where all the bee entries are, check here. And, everyone wants to know what an entrance reducer is, so here's a photo of a wooden one and here is a photo of a metal one--I've got both! You use these to control your traffic and it helps maintain temperature and ventilation early in the spring.