Click For Condors

Just got an email from a friend with a request...along with a very weird graphic (not sure how I feel about being ordered around by a bushtit):

Patagonia (the outdoor clothing company) is opening a new store in Palo Alto, CA and as part of the promotion they will be giving away $5,000 to a local charity. Ventana Wildlife Society is one of the candidates, and we need your help! The winner is determined by online voting, so we need all the votes we can get. All you have to do is go to here and vote (you don't have to sign in or anything, just click--and as I understand it, you can click mulitple times). Nepenthe, a local restaurant has offered to match the funds if Ventana wins, so the dtal could go to $10,000!

Why would this be of interest at the Birdchick Blog? Ventana is going to use the money to the California Condor reintroduction program, which is seriously strapped for funds this year. This year there are two Condor nests in Big Sur with healthy condor chicks--it's the first time in over 100 years that condors have bred in Monterey County! This money will go a long way to help ensure the survival of those chicks.

So, if you're feeling in the mood to help birds but are short on time and money--give a click.