More North Dakota Updates

We digiscoped the crap out of our field trip today. Today's birding was so awesome that it totally made up for the crap weather on Thursday. I have so many photos to sort through that the updates are going to be pretty darned cool!

I'm currently listening to Bill Thompson talking about birding. He just made a crack about my karaoke ability. For those who have read about their mad song stylings and have always wanted to hear them, here is a taste:

They were the music last night during the wine tasting at the festival. I shouted a request that they sing Blister in the Sun...and they did! They sound good.

Oh, more bee keeping posts are coming--don't fret bee fans, I'll be checking the hives next week. Also, we are now offering very cool bee t-shirts. BE WARNED--these are a little more PG-13 than the other shirts. So, parents who read the blog with your kids, may want to check them out alone first. Non Birding Bill came up with it, I died laughing when he showed it to me. I was hesitant to offer it, but everyone we have shown the design loves it and insists we offer it. So, here is the bee shirt.