Piping Plover vs Least Tern

Another great link from Jeff that I had squirreled away in my massively overstuffed inbox:

Nesting piping plover vs least tern.

For some reason, the link defaults to the photos being irritatingly large. If you click on "zoom out" above each photo, they fit the frame and are easier to view.

I never realize how small some birds until I see them together. That piping plover looks big compared to the least tern and for some reason I have it sent in my mind that terns are bigger. I remember seeing a yellow-rumped warbler foraging in some reeds next to a least sandpiper and noticing they had the same body size--it blew my mind.

Now to deal with my inbox--I may just declare email bankruptcy and just delete the whole batch that's built up in the last few weeks.