Still A Bird Blog

Just to keep the bird stuff going around here, I found some photos that were sent to me last month, that I haven't had a chance to post yet. Aaron sent these photos of woodcock chicks. Can you see it in the above photo? If not, here is an up close view.

Can yo see the chick? It's running away in the upper left hand corner. If you still can't see it, Aaron helps us out in the next photo.

Aaron says, "I wanted to send you this photo of some woodcock chicks I found while out looking for Goshawk territories. I know you dig the courtship flight of the woodcock. Have you ever seen the mothers broken wing routine? It's the same kind of thing as a momma mallard dose but weird and I fell for it too. I was just walking threw some open woods at about 6 AM and this wood cock takes off but instead of flying away from me like they usually do she flew at me and over my shoulder kind of appearing to have a tough time of it and then landed very close by. Then just as I was thinking to myself, "hum, maybe there's something wrong with that bird", I heard the peeping cheeping at my feet. I looked down and three little chicks were scattering like a good break on a pool table."

"It was the strangest flight. Like a bird from Mars. Loopy and like a Dr. Seuss cartoon. She flew and flopped/flapped her way around in the air and just plopped down in the grass in front of me and starred right at me several times. I put the chicks down and got out of there and a few moments later I heard her fly over and join them."

Thanks for the photos Aaron!