Warning: Intense Bunny Nose At The End of This Post

I have a backlog of blog entries.

I was going to do some catch up today but found out that I'm actually supposed to be in North Dakota Wednesday instead of Thursday. The downside is that means I have less time to get work done at home this week, but on the upside I have a whole extra day of prairie birding--WHOOT! On top of that I get to hang with Bill of the Birds and Julie Zickefoose--Double Whoot!!

I've had some private emails asking how Cinnamon was after our scare last week and let me tell ya', she is A Okay. She's been getting extra ear strokes and nuzzling. She has even worn her harness again with no ill affects.

She tries to act like she doesn't approve of all the petting, but she's enjoying it.

And for proof, I offer a truly rare photo: intense contented bunny nose. Go ahead, beep that nose through the computer screen. You know you want to. Plus, it's the only safe way to do it.

On to uploading the cool kingbird video for the next entry.