Click It. Click It Good.

You know how sometimes you just don't want to go outside and fill the bird feeder? Maybe the snow is deep, it's pouring down rain, or you have fifty other things to do and just can't get to it? Well, ClickOn Bird Feeders has the answer for you, my friend:

"Many homeowners with bird feeders - including seniors and the infirm - often stop re-filling their feeders altogether during the cold winter months, and their busy schedules often preclude them from regularly re-filling their feeders during the rest of the year," according to Nathan Arthurs, the founder of ClickON Bird Feeders.

"Winter is the funnest time of year to feed the birds, because their natural resources are depleted, yet, if you look around your neighborhood in January, you'll see that almost all of the feeders are empty," Arthurs said.

Birdchick Note: I would argue that spring and fall is the fun time to feed birds, especially spring because they are in the breeding plumage and let's not forget summer, when you get to watch the adults teach the young how to feed. And another thing, studies show that birds only use a feeding station (at most) as 20% of their overall diet. To say that natural resources for birds is depleted in winter is a bit of a stretch. But I digress. Watch the magical feeder in action below:

That's right folks, for only $495 you too can have the magic of ClickOn in your backyard! And if you still aren't swayed, check out the "easy to install" system.


For me personally, I'd rather have it the opposite. Suck all the seed out of there when the squirrel gets on there. Deal with that, furball.