First Bird Blogging Confernce!

Calling all bird bloggers, calling all bird bloggers:

The first ever Bird Blogger Conference will be at Cape May Autumn Weekend October 26-27, 2007! What does this mean--well, a lot of bird bloggers in one place at one time to meet face to face, share ideas, and maybe even watch some birds! Bird bloggers are eligible for a discount and must sign up through me. Here are the qualifications for the discount:

1. Your blog must have been started sometime before January 31, 2007.
2. Your blog must have regular updates at a minimum of four times a month.
3. If your blog has been inactive for more than 30 days, it will not qualify for the discount.
4. You must promote the Cape May Autumn Weekend and the 1st Birder Blogger Conference periodically in your blog--not every day or every week, but periodically remind your readers that you are going and that it would be great if they came along too.

Speaking of readers, this is a great chance for all of you to come and meet some bird bloggers out there. So, start signing up for Autumn Weekend now.

I'm thinking about organizing a Birds and Beers night there on the evening of October 26. Any natives have a good recommendation for a place for birders to get some beer and talk some birds, let me know.

Bloggers who would like more info on the discount rate, please email me at Sharon at Birdchick dot com.