Pishing A Golden Eagle

What happens if you pish at a golden eagle:

This is Andi, one of the education birds at The Raptor Center. She's an adult golden eagle and we know she is female because of her large size (in the raptor world, females are larger than males) and each spring she lays an egg (it's unfertilized, it's just that her hormones are ready to make an egg). She was found injured during a snow storm. Her injuries were consistent with a collision with power lines. When she was brought in, she had porcupine quills all over her face. Though none were in her eye, as she recovered, her left eye clouded up with scar tissue and is now blind in that eye (we speculate that a quill did get in there and she got it out before she was captured). That combined with a permanent wing injury makes her unreleasable and she will spend the rest of her life at TRC.