Who Knew He Liked Birds?

This has been a weird day. I'm kind of looking back at it and asking myself, "Did that really happen or did I have too many martinis?"

My goodness, I am beat. The MN State Fair has worn me out. I love, LOVE working the MOU booth and answering bird questions. It's a good chance to talk to people who may not consider themselves birders but have an interest. It's a chance to reach people you may not normally talk to you in your day to day life. One chance to help kindle a tiny spark of interest in birds. Or just shoot the breeze with fellow bird lovers.

However, the sounds (and smell) of the State Fair are catching up to me. Tomorrow is supposed to be the Bald Eagle Recovery Day Event at the fair and I would love to go, but I just don't think that I have it in me. I think I need the peace and quiet of banding birds at Carpenter Nature Center...although last week wasn't too quiet, but at least there's no constant din of fair rides, bands, and kids having an afternoon meltdown.

When I finished the MOU booth, I headed over to the fm107 booth to say hi to Ian and Margery--I do bird segments on their show a few times a month (although I rarely talk birds). I had to thank Ian for giving me some really great advice this time last year and plus I just truly enjoy their company. I have to say, I met some unexpected people. One was CJ, the Star Tribune's Gossip Maven. When I realized who she was, I said, "Oh, I actually read your column." She thanked me for admitting it out loud and in public.

Then, I met a most unexpected bird lover. He loves cardinals and bald eagles. He loves visiting the National Eagle Center and has even had the chance to release rehabbed eagles back to the wild. He would love to watch birds watch more, especially up near his cabin but his job in Washington keeps him too busy. When he lived in St. Paul, he loved listening to Jim Gilbert's Nature Notes on WCCO. His resolution was to watch more birds and enjoy nature. Who could this nature lover be?

Republican Senator Norm Coleman. Who knew he likes a little hot all-bird action?