Birds And Beers Tonight

Where have the last seven days gone??

Anyhoo, Birds and Beers is tonight at Merlin's Rest at 6pm. If you're interested in birds, you are invited.

We can talk about all the red-breasted nuthatches showing up at bird feeders.

Here's a nice comparison to the larger white-breasted nuthatch.

I love this shot, I got on Sunday of a young purple finch and a winter plumaged goldfinch. A family group of purple finches just arrived to the yard. Speaking of migration, Mr. Neil had tons of birds flying over this weekend. I was planting some trillium bulbs and overhead I could hear flocks moving in and moving out: bluebirds, grackles with a few blackbirds mixed in, and then I heard the secretive "seep" around me in the bushes, as white-throated sparrows started working their way to the feeding station. Glad I bought a small bag of some millet and cracked corn for those guys. I always like to scatter that on the ground this time of year.

This young purple finch is just start to sport a hint of the raspberry red that will deck out his head and chest. I hope he stays the winter.

I'll also bring along the preview copy of Disapproving Rabbits. I was annoying just about anyone I came into contact with, showing it off yesterday. Mr. Neil gave me a quote for the book and I was so excited to see that it made it in!

Okay, I have to get to The Raptor Center and then at some point load up a REALLY cool bee entry--don't worry, no stings in this one.