Sometimes I get grief when I travel because I tend to bring a lot with me. I think that is the result of living in the northern part of the United States. Last week ninety degrees. Even this week, sunny and in the upper seventies. This morning: 39 degrees. Brrr. You just never know what the temps will bring. Yeperooni, autumn is making her presence known.

More fall fungi are popping up. I found another crop of sulphur shelf on a different tree in Mr. Neil's woods. This was way too high for me to reach and we still have plenty from the last harvest.

Cabal is proving to be quite adept at finding giant puffballs. Here he is, slowly stalking the strange white lump...

We ended up finding ten puffballs in the woods. About 80% were in various states of decay, but at least two were edible. I still stand by hen of the woods and sulphur shelf being far tastier.

The goldfinches are starting to show signs of fall. Ah, this coloration--so pretty and hopeful for warmth in spring, so dingy and hesitant for cold in autumn. I do love cold temps, I much prefer them to the ninety degree days, but I know I'll also be losing the cricket song, honeybees, and bird variety for several months. And I will miss them in the quiet.