Cat Suet

I just got my copy of Birding Business and as I was skimming, I noticed a new product coming down the line soon...Garfield Suet. And that's as in Garfield the lasagna loving cartoon cat. Are you kidding me? I'm all for creative marketing, and I applaud bird companies finding a contemporary character for licensing, but a cat? Seriously? When you think feeding suet to birds and need a character to help market it, the best you can come up with is a cat?

In the graphic on the pack, it reads "Garfield's Peanut Crunch" and he's holding a peanut and says, "They're even nuttier than I am". People are going to think this is for their pet cat.

And Garfield isn't really known for his altruism, when did he start making food for birds? Again, I ask, when you think bird feeding, do you really want to think "cat"? How does this figure into the whole Cats Indoors! campaign?

I would link to it, but the company doesn't have it up on their site, which I can only hope is a sign that they are rethinking this.

Well, I guess this gives me hope, maybe Cinnamon and Disapproving Rabbits will get a promotional deal? Maybe she'll start endorsing prostate exams? Because that makes as much sense as a cat promoting suet. Lexus maybe? Happy Meals?