Turkey Terrorizes Neighborhood in Blaine, MN

Boy, some weeks it really is like living in the movie Fargo. Friday morning all of the stations were covering a story about the Minnesota Attorney General going after one of the major cell phone companies for trapping customers into extended contracts. An angry customer was interviewed at the press conference and gave us this lovely sound bite:

"I'd like to give their CEO a swift boot right in the patootie."

If you click on the above link, you can watch the video and hear the quote delivered in a fine Minnesota accent.

And we also have have a story of a turkey ruling the roost in a suburb of the Twin Cities:

A fearless fowl has been strutting along Cloverleaf Parkway in Blaine since spring, delighting senior citizens, annoying police and mail carriers, and frightening schoolchildren waiting for the bus.

"It went after elementary kids at a bus stop, and it doesn't scare away," said Police Chief Dave Johnson, whose department has fielded numerous turkey calls.

Johnson said an officer called one day to report that the Cloverleaf turkey had him trapped in his squad car.

Read the rest of the story here.