Disapproving Rabbits Book Give Away fm107

Sorry about the lack of weekend posts. Things are really getting busy this fall as far as where I'm going, what I'm doing and promoting the Disapproving Rabbits book. I've spent Sunday and the better part of Monday trying to get myself together and organized and sift through a mountain of email.

In quick Disapproving Rabbits info, we do our first radio interview for the book tomorrow morning on fm107's Ian and Margery show. They are doing a book give away (I have no idea how, but they have managed to get five copies, I've only been able to get one so far). The good news is that they stream live on the Internet so you can listen anywhere there is an internet connection. The bad news is that the segment is scheduled for 5:50am (Minnesota time). Ugh! So, if you want to get up SUPER early to try and win a book, Tuesday morning is your chance.

In other news, Disapproving Rabbits now has a permalink on Cute Overload--and I am SO honored--love that site!

Mark your calendars, we are going to have a book release party at Dream Haven Books in Minneapolis on Friday, November 2, 2007 at 6:30pm. I'm so honored, I once met Douglas Adams here (and talked to him about birds). Another big incentive to come: there will be live bunnies!! You can meet Cinnamon in person and get a personalized disapproval. Not only that, but the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society will be on hand with foster bunnies--so if you don't like the book, donate the money to needy homeless rabbits.

And finally, you can catch Cinnamon in a rare moment of approval over at Laura Erickson's blog. She's looking for photos of people and her book 101 Way to Help Birds. Have a book and a camera? Send her your photo.