Injured Peregrine Update

Quick update on the injured peregrine falcon, I went to check on her and she was resting. Steve, one of the participants on the bird trip that picked her up called The Raptor Center and got a rundown from Dr. Jane Goggin:

"The Raptor Center left a message on Friday, Oct. 5, about Falcon 568. Jane said our girl was doing pretty well at this time, but it would be 3-4 weeks before the splint would be removed. She'll probably spend the winter a TRC. Jane suggested calling back in a couple weeks for an update. Sounds pretty good to my untrained ear and her appetite certainly seems fine."

I'm at TRC every Tuesday and will do a check in. They have my number to give me a call with any developments if something happens when I'm not there. Honestly, no news at this point is good news. Here's hoping that in a few weeks, I will have photos of her upright in a flight room.

In other news, no one has stepped up to claim ownership of the eclectus. TRC has tried everything--all the local parrot organizations, parrot stores, vets, Craig's List and no one is coming forward as the owner. I wonder if something happened to the actual owner? When you see the bird, it is in excellent health and well trained. Someone spent a lot of time, energy, love and money on this bird. A bird like this can outlive the owner. I'm wondering if the actual owner died and the surviving family not wanting to keep it, let it go outside--sounds crazy, but I've had people tell me about doing this kind of thing before. They know nothing of birds and they think it's a tribute--to set grandma's bird free. Who knows. Again, there is a long line of folks at TRC ready to take him in, I just wish we could find out who it belongs to.