So Much For The Winter Finch Forecast

Earlier this month, I mentioned the influx of purple finches in Mr. Neil's yard. While we were there over this past weekend, there were still some purple finches about, but nearly as many as that day. Perhaps some of the flock has headed further south? However, a flock of pine siskins moved in on Sunday (above photo). Pine siskens resemble very streaky goldfinches in winter plumage. Here is a goldfinch in winter plumage:

I took this photo on Sunday, this bird still has a splash of yellow to remind us what they look like in breeding plumage.

I wasn't expecting the pine siskins, as the Winter Finch Forecast had predicted that:

"White-winged and Red Crossbills and Pine Siskins will not be irrupting south of Ontario as they do in some flight years, because most have already gone east and/or west."

So much for predictions! Hey, we got siskins, now it's time to bring on the crossbills! That would be so cool to digiscope at Mr. Neil's feeders.

Check out this crazy siskin. We still have the hummingbird feeder out on the off chance some western hummer migrates in a different direction and because rain is collecting in the ant moat and the birds are sipping out of it, like this siskin in the above photo. When it was warmer and there was a trail of ants on the hook, you could see nuthatches, chickadees, and warblers flying in to eat them. Nectar feeders: not just for hummingbirds and orioles.