Underside Of A Brown Creeper

Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been avoiding the blog because I'm avoiding anything remotely related to the bees. I had to close them up this weekend. But in the meantime, we did have an encounter with a brown creeper this morning. We're not sure if this bird hit the window and was recovering on the ledge or was just exhausted from migration.

Normally, I would say that it hit the window, but usually when a bird hits the window hard enough to stun itself, it ricochets far out and hits the ground. Lucky, that this bird didn't, it was a good two stories up. Either way, it is a rare chance to see the belly of a creeper. These guys creep along the trunks of trees like nuthatches, but rather than creeping down head first, these guys creep up. Their brown backs and heads blend well with bark, almost looking as though the tree bark itself is moving.

Don't worry, a few seconds after this photo was taken, the creeper flew to nearby white pine and began foraging for food and doing what it does best: creep.