Before A Storm?

And now, presents:

SQUIRRELS ON ICE! I really don't know where I'm going with that. But there were quite a few squirrels sliding across the ice at Hyland Lake Park Reserve today.

Will there be a storm on Saturday? Since Wednesday, Twin Cities weather people have been warning about our first winter snow storm. The warnings have become more dire in the last few days. Even today the reports have been fluctuating. This morning the report was probably 2", maybe a slight chance of 5" of snow. Tonight, the storm watch has gone to storm warning with predicted amounts of snow being 5" to 9". What will it be? Not sure, when they over predict, we have very little. However, I'd love a good solid layer of snow. The goldfinch in the above photo seems to be wondering as much as I how much snow we will get.

I headed to Hyland to see what the bird activity was like at the bird feeders--a good indicator of what changes will come with the weather. This suet feeder in the above photo was in high demand. Above, you will note a downy woodpecker.

The downy was first chased away by a larger hairy woodpecker. That woodpecker was chased away by the above blue jay. But soon, that bird fled as well:

A gray squirrel took over the suet and would not let any creature--hairy, feathered or otherwise to get between eat and large chunks of animal fat. That's a sure sign that a storm is a comin'.

I spent the rest of the time getting strange photos of cardinals. This shot isn't so bad, the bird looks fairy normal...then he decides to show off his good side: Here you go, random cardinal butt. However, not to be out done:

A chickadee flew in to show off the junk in its trunk.

The female cardinal looks as though she doesn't approve of that.