Green-breasted Mango

The green-breasted mango (for non birders, that's a type of hummingbird) that has been hanging out at a feeder in Beloit, WI has been captured and will now reside at a zoo.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I feel the bird should have been left alone to figure it out for itself--this is how bird population ranges change, some birds just start moving in a different direction (and a mango has just shown up in Dublin, GA). On the other hand, can a Mexican species of hummingbird survive a Minnesota winter? And if I had it coming to my feeder on a daily basis and had formed an emotional attachment to it, would I not consider putting it in a zoo as well?

For a well thought out blog entry from someone with a strong hummingbird background, check out Sheri Williamson's blog.