Blast From The Past

I was barely home yesterday. I had my shift at The Raptor Center, then a dental appointment, I was in dire need of new snow boots and had to pick those up and then it was back to TRC for a Holiday Party--I barely had time to check email. But everywhere I went, people kept telling me they saw me on TV and asking if the great gray owls were irrupting again (No they are not like they did in the winter of 2004 - 2005). Apparently WCCO reran the story and you can read it and view it here. According to the story... I still work at the Wild Bird Store.

On January 25, 2005, my buddy Amber and I had one heck of a day, we started it at KARE 11 (where we got to meet Donny Osmond) and then headed up north, met up with a news crew from WCCO to film great grays and before the day was done, we ended up with a car full of four injured owls that people had found that we took back with us to the Twin Cities to The Raptor Center (two great grays, one barred owl, and one great horned owl). We have it on the Birdchick Adventure Pages.