Cleansing Suet Bunnies & Ringed Parakeets

So, it must be the last minute Christmas crunch, tempers appear to be flaring. I'm on some different listservs and all I'm gonna say is that some people are wearing some cranky pants. So, I was trying to find something cleansing, remember the cleansing nuthatch? I was looking over photos that I haven't posted and hoped to find something cleansing there. I thought I found a cleansing blue jay:

But, some people have issues with blue jays and now matter how cute a photo of one may be, they just cannot get on board with a cleansing blue jay. It's not your fault, blue jays, it's that Audubon painting that shows you chugging egg yolks like frat boys around a beer bong. Lot of birds eat other birds eggs, you just end up taking the rap for it more often.

So I continued my search for something cleansing and then Els from the Netherlands who has been a frequent contributor to the Disapproving Rabbits blog emailed me a photo of home made suet bunnies:

Els* writes, "It's winter here now and I'm spending a fortune trying to feed the birds outside. Now I've resorted to making my own feedballs... and somehow I thought just balls would be boring, so there it is: a fat rabbit!"

Els ads, "Can't find any disapproving in the face yet though, so I think he agrees!" People have sent us portraits of Cinnamon, shown us Cinnamon jack-o-lanterns, and now suet bunnies. Life is very strange, and I'm loving every minute of it! Breathe in the suet bunnies, breathe out the suet bunnies. Cleanse with the suet bunnies, cleanse. Let the holiday tensions melt away, like a suet cake in 90 degree temperatures...breathe in, breathe out.

Els also included a photo of some ring-necked parakeets that live wild in the Netherlands. Els tells me that these are the result of pet birds that escaped, survived and multiplied some 30 years ago. All big cities in The Netherlands have them now. This pair of parakeets were eating nuts right outside his window. He blames them for not being able to get his work done. I found an entry about these parakeets over at the City Parrots Blog. Interesting stuff.

* I learned after I did this post that Els is female not male. As always, I blame my husband for this.