Passing The Time During The Alberta Clipper

It was kind of a slow morning at The Raptor Center--that's Odie, our education barred owl with a facial disc dusted with snow. He's not the brightest bulb on the tree thanks to some brain damage, he's kind of slow on the uptake, but he looks cute in the snow. It was snowing when I went in this morning about 8:15am and now about 12 hours later, it's winding down. I think we're only getting about 5 inches, but word is up in Laura's neck of Minnesota, they got 13 inches.

So, I played with Cafe Press during the snow storm. I frustratingly learned that with the type of account I have, I can only do one item at a time (so once I put Cinnamon's image on a mug, I can't do a bird mug unless I upgrade). I don't know if I'm prepared to purchase an upgraded account there yet, but I have some stuff up if you are interested.