Cannot Escape The Wireless & Animal Track Questions

Birdchick posting here.

Wow, there was a time when I would kind of worry about Internet access and how would I get it on the road--not anymore. Wednesday, I left for a cabin that some of my writing friends use to avoid wireless and other life distractions. When I arrived and opened my trusty laptop to begin writing, I still had my airport connection open and I noticed my Inbox filling: 9 new messages, 12 new messages, 15 new messages...Low and behold, there was a signal from a neighbor. Arg.

I had installed bird feeders at this cabin a long time ago and had hoped that no one would fill them, however the writer who worked here ahead of me, learned I was coming and topped off all the feeders before I arrived and they were chock full of activity--oh no, a digiscoping temptation. But I turned off my airport and closed the shades and lots of work did get finished.

I did go out for a walk at one point and found this print in a fresh dusting of snow on the driveway to the cabin. The same tracks were along the road, as well. I'm not so good with identifying mammal tracks, but based on size next to my boot (that boot is about as long as my 12" Powerbook), I think this is a moose. I didn't think I had gone north enough for moose. Any readers out there good at identifying mammal tracks and can confirm my id? I'm still at the cabin and don't have any of my mammal books. Even if this is not a moose, that's the biggest deer print I've ever seen, and I'm not sure how I feel about a deer having a hoof print half the size of my foot.