City Birds Country Birds

"Hey, I'm not in this book at all--I didn't approve that!"

Check it out, it's a mock up of my next book. Remember a long time ago I blogged about a book I wrote called City Birds Country Birds? Well, I think it's actually coming out this spring--which is a total relief because I wrote this way before Disapproving Rabbits and I had dedicated this book to my mom and Disapproving Rabbits to my in-laws. And wouldn't you know it, the book dedicated to my in-laws came out first--AWKWARD! Actually, right after one of the radio interviews I did for Disapproving Rabbits, the hosts started talking the dedication and about people who have better relationships with their in-laws than with their own parents. I cried out, "Noooooooooooooo!" and tried to phone back in to the studio while Non Birding Bill said, "Oh, Sharon, it's just a segue into another segment, don't take it too seriously."

Yeah, easy for him to say because it was his parents not mine. For the record, I love my mom and my in-laws.

So, if you sent a photo and it got used in the book, you are still getting a free copy. Incidentally, anyone have a good photo of a black-capped chickadee nest? Needs to be in focus and needs to be print quality. If you so, email it along with your mailing address to sharon at birdchick dot com.