Florida Brush Fire

There's a news story about a controlled burn in Florida that got out of control and is now a brush fire that contributed to a 50 car pile up. I think we saw it yesterday when we were birding at Viera Wetlands (the nice name for South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility). I think we saw the start of it yesterday:

We saw smoke puffing up as we were birding and we wondered if it was a controlled burn or wildfire. I even called NBB and had him check Google News to see if there was anything we should worry about. There wasn't anything up in the news and we noticed that the wind was blowing in the direction of the smoke, blowing it away from us. When I was taking off from the Orlando Airport yesterday evening, I could see the smoke and see it starting in a different spot and wondered what was up.

This station has some photos of the smoke mixed with fog this morning, crazy stuff.