It's Raining Iguanas, Hallelujah!

Just saw this Florida headline this morning: Cold Snap Causes Frozen Iguana Shower. What the heck am I flying into tomorrow? Apparently, I'm getting in to Orlando way early for the meeting and I'm hoping to do some digiscoping...I'm not sure how the blogging is going to be. I was just reading the hotel's amenities list. Wireless Internet access starts at $10! What is up with that--paying for Internet access at a hotel? I think I can get around that with my bluetooth phone, but I don't know how photos will load. We'll see.

The blog got a nice shout out from Wallace W Hansen's Northwest Native Plants both on their website and in their newsletter (available as a pdf on the site). I think this is the first time the word "intellectual" has been aimed in my direction. It feels weird, and pleasant.

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