Red Head Recovery (the bird, not the Tina Louise kind)

I got an email asking to promote a project with the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis to address the precipitous decline of red-headed woodpeckers. The big project for 2008 is to identify and map all existing clusters of red-headed woodpeckers in Minnesota--a 'cluster' defined as two or more nesting pairs in relatively close proximity (say 1/4 mile) of each other. A cluster probably indicates good savannah habitat, which is key the recovery efforts. If you have a cluster or if you would like to learn more, visit their website.

I went to check the website called, which suddenly put the image of Amy Hooper of WildBird on the Fly needing recovery--she's a red head. I got even more of a chuckle imagining red-headed women running around when I read some of the website:

"Red-Heads often occur in loose colonies or clusters."

"Educate yourself and your neighbors to the Red-Head's habitat needs. You may be richly rewarded."

Yeah, there's a crude joke to be made in there, but I just can't put it all together at the moment.