Eagle Additions

I got an email from Joan clarifying Beef Slough:

Beef Slough is a historical name and place. The Buffalo or Beef river comes into Riecks Lake, and then on the other side of hwy 35 forms beef slough. Here's a quote from the WI Historical Society.

Term: Beef Slough War
Definition: conflict, ca. 1868-1875, over access by logging companies to the Mississippi from the Chippewa River; Frederick Weyerhaueser squeezed out small independent loggers and put control of the industry into the hands of a conglomerate of large companies.

[Source: Wyman, Mark. The Wisconsin Frontier (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998).]

She also clarified that the total for the golden eagle count was 60. 37 birds the day of the count and 23 seen during the week at different locations. Thanks, Joan.

And here is a video of the eagles eating the (hopefully) chicken parts mixed with manure. I love how the young eagle seems really uncertain about what it's trying to eat: