Screech Owl vs Sharp-shinned Hawk

I'm still chillin' in Winona. The wireless situation is iffy here but I'm using a friend's computer. The following just came in through email. Thanks, Andy, for sending this my way! Do watch the video at the bottom, at first it's hard to make out the owl, but you'll see it soon. I once saw a screech owl with a blue jay and a friend told me about a barred owl that took out a Cooper's hawk, but I've never heard of a screech taking on a sharpie!

I just got the e-mail below from my father, who lives in west Michigan
and keeps tabs on the birding listservs there. He doesn't send me
this sort of thing very often, and this one is extraordinary. This is
video taken immediately following the strike of a Sharp-shinned hawk
by a Screech Owl. That seems like huge prey for a Screech, but there
it is on film.

If you're looking for some material for your site, feel free to post
this. I don't know the e-mailer referred to, so you may want to
contact them to see if they mind having their e-mail posted on your
web site, or you could just edit that out. Up to you. This post was
from the Mich-Chat listserv, so you might be able to just google it
and find it independently.

Stay warm in Minnesota! And watch out for those abominable Screech Owls. ;-)

Andy Pedler