So A Drone Walks Into a Bar

That subject line was totally taken from Belinda who gave me an idea when I expressed my nervousness. Thanks, Belinda!

I'm feelin' a bit nervous. Tonight, I'm speaking to the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association. When I was asked, I hesitated--what could I possibly have to share with experienced beekeepers apart from my mistakes? The person booking me was interested in how I document my bees--types of cameras, video, etc. That is something I can easily talk about--but I'm still nervous. I've done so many bird programs that I have a good sense of the audience, I have some tried and true bird jokes, I have a sense of when to use my phalarope joke and when to leave it unsaid. I know how to work that audience and give a bird talk at a moment's notice and know that I will slay the audience. I have no idea which jokes will work with beekeepers--this is new ground. But, it's good to shake up my program giving skills.

Speaking of bees, last time we were at the hives, Mr. Neil pointed out some new tracks around the hives. I think these are possum tracks and not skunk, so I'm not too worried, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd sure love to know what you think.