Soon To Be Leavin' On A Jet Plane

I forgot about this photo. The last time we were at Mr. Neil's, the mammals were out in full force. The cottontail rabbit in the above photo was kind of a bad apple. It chased the poor gray squirrel every time it came near. A few times, it charged the squirrel, even when it was keeping a good distance from the rabbit. The red squirrel would watch with interest from the top of the squirrel and even it decided not to take on the bunny.

We got some more snow and tomorrow I fly to Connecticut for the Bald Eagle Festival where it might be in the 30s (heat wave) and be rainy. But, I'll be hanging with the Swarovski guys and their booth has a heater--whoot. I was going to schedule a Birds and Beers, but I don't have my own vehicle at this event and am being shuttled around. But stop by and say hello if you're in the area.

So, I'm not sure if Non Birding Bill can make fun of me for being so into birds. Here is a recent conversation:

NBB: Oh cool, my movie arrived from NetFlix!

BC: What's it about?

NBB: It's a documentary about Helvetica.

BC: Wait, you're excited about a documentary about a font?

NBB: It's getting really good reviews!

BC: It's a font.

NBB: Parasitic Birds and Their Hosts?

BC: That was a great book.