Techno Birding Geekery

Holy Crap! Some enterprising techno geeks out there have figured out how to get the National Geographic Handheld Birds on to other devices besides a Palm Pilot. This message from Jen Korn showed up on TexBirds:

I posted a few months ago to see if anyone had found a way to put the Palm program National Geographic Birds on a phone. Whatbird's website has an excellent tip on downloading the program Styletap which allows the Palm program work on non-Palm devices. They don't list specific phones, but do say it should work on any sort of smartphone, which is basically any type of Blackberry or Pocket PC.

Many of you responded with tips and I thank you. Also many asked to post back if I made it work. I'm a little late posting but I did make it work. I moved my Nextel account to Sprint and purchased the HTC mogul Pocket PC. It is Windows based so I had to purchase Styletap and install it and after a few quirks it works great! Like Whatbird's page says, it does have some cons. On a lot of the identification screen the text is a little garbled so it is hard to read what it says about the colors and such. The pictures themselves are great, every other screen the text is perfect and the sound is amazing. I've used this many a time in the field so far, expecially my thesis work, to confirm something I thought I saw or heard.

I've also heard or read somewhere that National Geographic is working to make a version that will work on non-Palm devices so if you don't have a Palm you can always wait, or upgrade to it if you decide to put it on your non-Palm now.