Upcoming Events and Trips

Bees are taking over my life more and more. I got an email about being booked as a speaker for the Northwest Sports Show in April. They originally wanted two bird relasted programs and I sent them my list of programs that I thought would be good for that audience. After the fun at the MN Hobby Beekeepers, I included that topic in the list too. They booked me for two bird programs and then asked if I would be willing to do a third on beekeeping! Whoot!

Hey, if anyone wants to see a butt load of trumpeter swans, we space left on our Trumpeter Swan Trip this Saturday. We'll drive to Monticello to see swans and then go look for other birds afterwards. Contact Staring Lake Outdoor Center to make reservations 952-949-8479.


And if you have never see the sandhill crane spectacle in Nebraska, join Stan Tekiela and me for a weekend trip in early march where we will see a few thousand sandhill cranes, a million snow geese, a few dozen prairie chickens, some prairie dogs, and maybe even get to hear the spring song of the western meadowlark. Contact Staring Lake Outdoor Center to make reservations 952-949-8479.

And the next Birds and Beers is 6pm on February 28 at Merlin's Rest. There's been some discussion on spotting scopes on the birding listservs and I might bring mine. Anyone else is welcome to do so for a side by side comparison. Birds and Beers is a fun get together of people interested in birds and we can have a drink and talk some birds. It doesn't matter what you're experience level is. If you are interested in birds, you are welcome.