Weird Adventures I Have Because Of Birding

Last time I was on Showcase Minnesota I was talking with the producer about when I would do my next segment. I used to have a regular segment on Mondays, but that was when I worked at the bird store and could only do Mondays. I also didn't travel as much as I do now, so we just play it by ear. I asked the producer if she was going to have any cool guests and told her to just put me on that day. She said, "Well, we have George Takei on February 1, but we're already booked up that day."

As it happened, I left my binocular harness at the station during my last segment and decided February 1 would be the perfect day to pick it up before the bird trip this weekend. The producer said it was okay for me to come and try and meet Mr. Takei. And since I'm a familiar face around the station, I can come and go unescorted. It was funny because I totally confused the crew while I was sitting in the waiting area, "Are we supposed to be doing calls today? I didn't see birds on the sheet!" I joked that I was just at the station really early for Monday.

Non Birding Bill had today and Monday off from work, so he came with me. After Mr. Takei did his Showcase Minnesota segment, he filmed an interview for Tim McNiff's 11 Questions. Tim has always been really nice to me on the station and he let us watch. Above, NBB is standing standing in the studio while Mr. Takei is being interviewed. I have to say, it was a great interview, he has a great sense of humor and outlook at being an original cast member of Star Trek, not to mention all his work with human rights and his political activism. He's just nice and has an incredible outlook on life.

Afterwards, Mr. Takei (can you tell that I just don't feel comfortable calling him George?) was really nice and posed for a photo with us. What a class act and gracious man. Thank you, Mr. Takei for putting up with us. Incidentally, he's in town with the Minnesota Orchestra narrating To Boldly Go--music used in sci fi movies. He said part of the fun is that some people come to this dressed in full Klingon or other Star Trek costumes. Should be a fun addition to the usual symphony crowd.

I got a kick out of Rob Hudson, one of the hosts on Showcase Minnesota--he's got a strong Minnesota accent and he was explaining Uff Da to Mr. Takei. "It's like, 'I'm outta potato lefse? Uff Da!' Just think of it as a milder version of Oy Vey!" It reminded me of a moment you would see in a Christopher Guest movie.