Birds and Beers This Thursday

Thanks to my Google Calendar reminder, I need to tell everybody that this Thursday, March 20 is Birds and Beers at Merlin's Rest at 6pm.

Birds and Beers is a gathering of anyone interested in birds at any level from the hardcore lister to the mildly interested backyard birder. We just get together and talk some birds. If you are interested in birds, you are invited.

And for the record, there is no business behind Birds and Beers. I'm not paid by anyone to do it (in fact, I lose money on this since I like really good scotch). Birds and Beers is an idea that I came up with at the Minnesota Ornithologists' Paper Session one year because I would meet so many interesting people working on different projects and realized that there wasn't any kind of club where birders got together to just talk--especially outside of the Internet. If people are field trip leaders they are welcome to come and promote their services. If people are curious about where to go birding, they can come and ask questions. If people optics, or cameras, or bird feeding, they can come and ask (no guarantees on the qualities of the answer). If someone is working on a research project they can come and share it. This is meant to be fun and a chance for people to socially network face to face.