Not The Binoculars Just My Eyes

I'm having way too much fun with my phone. Non Birding Bill finally figured out how to get my phone to play some of my favorite bird calls as my ring tones. The other day I was talking to one of the vets in the clinic at The Raptor Center when I heard a bird screaming. "You have a goshawk in clinic?" I asked, excited. "No." said the vet and then I realized it was my phone! It also does red-tailed, hawk, Baird's sparrow, western meadowlark, pileated woodpecker, veery, wood thrush, gadwall, and bobolink--sweet.

In the last year or so, I noticed that I could not get my eyes to focus the same through my binoculars, no matter how I adjusted the diopter. I sent them in to Swarovski to have them realigned and there wasn't any change when I looked through them. I also noticed lately that my left eye wasn't focusing the same as my right eye--especially when reading subtitles on movies. I've never worn glasses or seemed to need them but made an appointment with an eye doctor--turns out I have astigmatism. I asked the doctor why I've never noticed before and he didn't really have an answer. But I have glasses coming and I chuckled today when I looked at my receipt for them. It read "Bebe Schatzie Grape Suzette." That looks more like I ordered a stripper instead of a pair of glasses.

So, Bill said that I should have used the following video of snow geese in an earlier post: