The Golden Eagle Laid An Egg

I'm not sure how it happened, but one of my photos has ended up in the I Can Has Cheezeburger builder. People have been emailing me captioned photos and links. I want to thank whoever put it in there for crediting the photo to

Andi, the education golden eagle at The Raptor Center laid an egg this morning. She's not housed with any male eagles (she's our only golden eagle) so the egg is unfertilized. Every spring, Andi and one or two of the red-tails hormones get so geared for spring that they lay eggs. If we can get to the eggs in time, we save them as props to show people. Alas, Andi smashed her egg not long after I took this photo.

Last night Non Birding Bill and I met some friends for some fabulous food at Amazing Thailand in Uptown and then we walked by Urban Outfitters and found several copies of Disapproving Rabbits on the book shelf. We then found the April issue of Metro Magazine at the grocery store and it has a small article I wrote about birds around the Twin Cities in spring. I enjoyed writing for Metro, they wanted me to be a bit saucier than the bird magazines I normally write for. I even managed to work in the phrase "hot turkey action"--and I get paid for this. Life is weird and fun.

I just got booked to be on Showcase Minnesota next Tuesday and rumor has it that Aaron Eckhart will be live in studio that day too. Yum.