Taunted By Fox Sparrows

Non Birding Bill went out with me today to Staring Lake Outdoor Center with Cinnamon. We were there for the open house and when we arrived, there were a ton of sparrows under the feeder. I tried to take a break here and there to get photos of fox sparrows, but the closest I came was getting a vent shot.

We had kids giving Cinnamon lots of love, completely oblivious to the disapproval. I got a kick out of the people at the table next to me showing snakes. They kept making a point to say within ear shot that it was a good thing they didn't bring the big snakes. Apparently, the big snakes would have been overly excited sensing a rabbit--that's food after all. One in particular was making a big show of staying as far away as possible from the rabbit. The first time I heard them it was amusing. After the thirteenth time, it was just tiresome and I said, "Yes, I get the food chain. I understand."

Oh well, I'm sure I've done the EXACT same thing when doing raptor programs. "Oh, better keep that purse puppy away. That's making the hawk awful interested."

I tried a few more times to get photos of the fox sparrows. I did get this lovely grackle. A whole flock discovered our apartment feeding station yesterday and made short work of the suet. Guess it's time to switch to safflower.

I did get a lovely song sparrow, but the fox eluding not only my digiscoping but the motion sensitive camera. After we finished at Staring Lake, NBB and I head out to Mr. Neil's for dinner. We arrived just as the afternoon sun was hitting my beloved brush pile.

I scattered some seed on the larger branches and nestled my body and my spotting scope in some of the surrounding shrubbery and waited. The chickadees and juncos flew in first. Note the disapproving junco above. Next flew in the song sparrows and finally...

A fox sparrow popped up and perched on one of the branches and gave me a few minutes to get the fluffy bird. Love those sparrows!