Upcoming Events, Trips, and Bird Festivals

I'm hoping that Wednesday morning that we'll get a chance to band some white-throated sparrows. I bet we'll get some juncos, but if any of them have white wing bars, I'll try not to take it personally.

Say, if you have not had the chance to meet Cinnamon the Disapproving Rabbit, she and I will be at Staring Lake Outdoor Center this Saturday from 1pm - 4pm. We'll have a few books to sell but if you already have one and want it personally disapproved of, feel free to bring it. You can also meet my buddy Stan Tekiela (have him autograph books too) and find out about what field trips we'll be doing this spring and summer--we've got some fun ones planned, including an overnight to Agassiz and some shorebirding on the Minnesota/South Dakota border. Good Times.

If you are thinking of doing any bird festivals this spring, please consider the Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds--the fantastic writer Scott Weidensaul will be there (and he's one of the better bird speakers out there) and they are planning on some new trips. This is one of the top three birding festivals in the country and I always make sure to fit it into my yearly schedule--it's well organized and the birding habitats are varied and exciting. One day you're exploring the boreal forest for black-backed woodpecker and listening to loons. The next, you could be on the prairie watching marbled godwits, bobolinks, and chestnut-collared longspurs. And don't forget the warblers: blackburnian, parula, black-throated green--don't say you don't want to go, you know it isn't true. Carpool with a friend and get some great birding in all in a weekend. Here's a link to some of my previous Detroit Lakes blog entries.

If you are too booked in May to do much birding, consider the North Dakota Potholes and Prairie Bird Festival. Not only is prairie birding some of the best birding in your life, you also get the chance to meet the folks of Bird Watcher's Digest: Bill of the Birds and Julie Zickefoose. I know many are concerned about gas prices but the folks who organize the festival are offering groups of 4 - 6 Birders 20% off the registration (you must register by May 14 for the discount). Groups of 7 or more Birders get 30% off! I had someone email and ask about forming a Birdchick Posse to North Dakota to get the discount--anyone else want to group together for the discount--you don't have to room together but if we can get a group to agree to go to the blog, we can get you a discount. Email me at sharon at birdchick dot com. Here are links to some of my blog entries about the festival.