Whole Lotta Woodcocks Goin' On

I don't know where this week has gone! Between the snow, an expected house guest, giving programs at the Northwest Sports Show, banding class--aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I'm leading a woodcock trip on Saturday night through Staring Lake Outdoor Center in Eden Prairie and I needed to double check the spot where we usually see the woodcock display. Non Birding Bill and I hit the spot and we heard them peenting and doing the flight display right away--one flew right past NBB's head as he was texting on his phone. We even heard a couple of them fighting each other--they kind sound like Bert on Sesame Street when he laughs.

There were so many and they were so loud, I got some video so you can hear the peent and when you hear the twittering sound, that's the woodcock doing the flight display.