ABA Convention Scholarships for College Students

The American Birding Association (ABA), based in Colorado Springs, CO, is holding its annual convention this year just outside Salt Lake City in Snowbird, UT. The event will run June 23-29, 2008 and involves three days of field trips with professional leaders, two days of workshops and special presentations on bird-related topics, and outstanding speakers each evening. This year’s Keynote Speaker is noted artist and author, Julie Zickefoose. Other speakers include Bill Schmoker, president of Colorado Field Ornithologists and avid bird photographer, Ted Floyd, editor of Birding magazine, and the Migratin’ Raptors String Band of HawkWatch International. Award winners Kenn Kaufman, Bill Thompson III, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and local birder Bill Fenimore will receive recognition during the week as well.

The ABA is offering a limited number of $650 scholarships to ABA birders age 18-23 towards attendance at the convention and participation in the birding events scheduled. The scholarship money is applicable towards the full convention package of activities, meals and lodging. This scholarship is designed to facilitate the introduction of the newest generation of ABA members to seasoned ABA members and encourage their connection with “birds of a feather”. Any student birder can apply for the scholarships, and include a request for Student Membership with their application if not already a member. For more information on the convention, please see our website. For details and availability of scholarships, please contact Brenda Gibb at 800.850.2473 x230. This limited offer will remain in effect until all scholarships are claimed.

Contact: Tamie Bulow,
Conventions and Tours Manager
American Birding Association
4945 N. 30th Street, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 578-9703 x233