I'm literally leaving for Detroit Lakes in 10 minutes, but I had to get this up. Here are some of the birds that were totally distracting me from my beekeeping duties yesterday:

Not the best angle, but you get the idea: bold black and whites, pinks, indigo, yellow! Couple that with the oriole in the bee equipment, it was a challenge!

I love this lunch date: male indigo bunging and male rose-breasted grosbeak--perhaps discussing female attraction techniques?

The warblers on the suet feeder were really throwing me over the edge. Above is a female yellow-rumped warbler. The birds were so exciting, even Mr. Neil was getting into it.

Look at that, Mr. Neil took the above photo of a male yellow-rump at the feeder--go, Mr. Neil!

Okay, I seriously need to hit the road, but I will do a bee update from the hotel room at some point today.