Marsh Wren

Well, this week is action packed! I'll have to do my full update on the World Series later today, I'm off to band some eagles this morning. And I still have to blog about going to see a rare bird: the wood sandpiper--I think that's the rarest bird I've ever seen.

Meanwhile, I'll direct you to a link where a reader altered a photo of our bees dancing and added tap shoes and top hat. It's making me giggle...I wonder if I would still giggle if tap shoes and a top hat were added to a bird photo? Anyway, I appreciate all the work the Junior Beekeepers did while I was away...and I am relieved to learn that when one of them took a queen out with the hive tool, she made it safely back into the hive. Hopefully, queen shenanigans will be kept to a minimum in the future.

I also leave you with a video I took of a marsh wren singing while hidden in the reeds during the World Series o Birding: