Thank You To Everyone Who Bought A Duck Stamp

The happiest press release in my inbox all week:

"As part of a suite of wetlands acquisition and conservation grant approvals, the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission today approved $4 million to purchase more than 18,000 acres of prime prairie wetland and associated grassland habitat for the Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern Minnesota – one of the largest purchases ever using dollars generated from Federal Duck Stamp sales and import duties on firearms and ammunition."

Read the full press release here, there are several other projects in other states including Maine, North Carolina, and Oregon. It mentions that it's going to be great for many types of waterfowl, but several bird species besides waterfowl will benefit from it as well. It's such a treat to get something in my inbox about bird habitat that is POSITIVE. So, if you purchased a duck stamp--I thank you and this is an example of what your dollars are doing.